Bluemoon Performance

Bluemoon Performance

Bluemoon Performance is the corporate face of Shingo Yugami, a seasoned  engine builder and mechanic with years of experience in both Japan and the US.

With traditional training as a Toyota certified master mechanic in Japan, Shingo toiled with high tech Japanese vehicles by day, and followed his passion of tuning, restoring and maintaining American and European cars at night.

Repair work demanded complex problem solving skills on a daily basis and honed his skills as a master mechanic. He grew a large number of satisfied customers who relied on his expert work.
After moving to the states, Shingo channeled his energy into tuning and maintaining JDM cars. His Japanese attention to detail and methodical work ethic allowed him to create a large fan base and he received many more requests for performance related work.
This effort eventually caught the attention of manufacturers, tuning shops and performance racing teams.

Today, Shingo assembles and maintains many engines for major performance teams, while also providing support for privateer teams, and product development requests from manufacturers.

Committed to his craft, Bluemoon Performance is the embodiment of Shingo’s hard work ethic and talents.

Bluemoon has now partnered with proven product manufacturers who share the same passion for precision performance and has also moved into product distribution.

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